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MixxedFit® Instructor Training | Continued Education | Part 2

Are you ready to be the very first Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructors in the entire world?!!! You went through MixxedFit® Instructor Training, learned all of our basic moves, helped spread the MixxedFit® Movement to the best of your ability and now — you’re ready for more.

Well, we got you.

Let us introduce to you The Leadership Exxperience -- MixxedFit® Instructor Training, Part 2.


To provide continued education, specialized training, and an unforgettable experience to our Licensed MixxedFit® Instructors. The Leadership Exxperience is designed to further develop our fearless MixxedFit® Instructors to become more confident as instructors. Also, we want our instructors dreaming about the endless possibilities they can accomplish during this lifetime while encouraging others to live their best lives starting right now. Instructors who pass will receive the rank of Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor.

By the end of The LE, we will have completed:

  • Fieldwork: One (1) Hour MixxedFit® Masterclass (Transportation Provided)

  • Meet, Greet, and Network (Corporate Office)

  • Hands-on-Training Part 1

    • Basic Drills Training with Creator, Lori Barcenilla Torres

    • Learn New Basic Moves (2 New Basic Moves)

    • Application: Perform all nine basic moves in front of group

  • Hands-on-Training Part 2

    • Learn Final Group Performance

    • Review Basic Mirroring

    • Review Basic Cueing

    • Group Practice

    • Application: Perform and showcase proficiency in front of group

  • Hands-on-Training Part 3

    • Create a MixxedFit® Class Playlist

    • Create a MixxedFit® Demo Playlist

    • Create a MixxedFit® Routine

    • Create a MixxedFit® Warm-up

    • Application: Perform Warm-up or MixxedFit® Routine in front of group

  • Business Building with Lori

    • Approaching Gyms

    • Getting Interviews

    • Marketing Yourself

    • Generating Leads

  • Goal Setting

    • Personal

    • Career & Financial

    • Family

    • Places You Want to Visit

    • Dream Building

    • MixxedFit® Community Events Planning & more

  • Final Assessment

    • Physical Test

    • Written Test

    • Final Interviews

In addition, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Film a Live MixxedFit® Routine w/Lori B. Torres at the end of LE.

  • Take Professional Photos w/Lori B Torres that can be used for your marketing.

  • Share your vision board and testimonial with other instructors.

  • Private shopping experience in the MixxedFit® store.

  • Learn More about opening up your own Fitness Studio

And so much more! Please bring:

  • Change of clothes

  • Towel

  • Water

  • Snacks (bring proteins and carbs!)

  • MixxedFit® Gym Packet

  • Your Favorite MixxedFit® Playlist

  • Poster Board

  • Markers

  • Pen

  • Notebook


  • One (1) Free Leadership Exxperience T-shirt

  • One (1) Professional Photo with Lori

  • Light lunch, Snacks, and Refreshments

  • Leadership Exxperience | Certificate of Completion

    • Leadership Exxperience Certified

    • Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor

      • We will also include a list of our Level 2 Instructors on our website.

      • We will also provide a separate license for those who successfully gain the Level 2 rank.

Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor

Once an instructor successfully passes The Leadership Exxperience Certification, the instructor will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be considered a Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor if a score of 70% or higher is received on the Final Assessment. If instructor does not pass with 70% or higher, the instructor will need to resubmit videos and retest.

What will a Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor be able to do?

While we encourage anyone to mentor others in our communities, our Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructors are appointed by MixxedFit® Corporate. Level 2 instructors will have completed rigorous hands-on-training with CEO Lori Barcenilla Torres. These Instructors will have completed Corporate training to learn how to properly assist other instructors following Corporate guidelines. Level 2 Instructors will be qualified to mentor fellow MixxedFit® Instructors who need an extra hand with creating class playlists, preparing for demos, hands-on coaching with basic mirroring, cueing, connecting with students, etc., and being the support a new instructor needs in the beginning of their MixxedFit® career. Everything instructors will learn in The Leadership Exxperience is designed to prepare the Level 2 Instructors to be able to mentor other instructors in their communities following Corporate’s guidelines, practices, and policies.

Our Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructors are there to encourage and be an extra hand to our instructors. Simply pick a meeting space, a park, a studio, or a house and meet.