JOIN US ON A JOURNEY to the Pacific Islands. To a place where your body sways to the beat of drums and your hands uplift in joyous celebration. This is Tropixx Fitness.

Tropixx Fitness, as a fitness format, does not oblige anyone to be certified in any sort of dance genre (hula, ori, tambu, etc) and as such, enthusiasts of island dance can be certified in this fitness format without the pressure of fulfilling rigorous standards of formal dance conservatories or companies.  It is important that Coaches of Tropixx feel supported and are able to make this distinction.  Many island dancers around the world will feel receptive to this type of “no pressure” disposition.  Additionally, Tropixx Coaches will incorporate the principles of fun, fitness, and fantasy.

FUN: The value of family and togetherness coupled with the interdependence of learning with people of interested in island dance makes this journey fun and exciting; equally for those who are reliving their younger days as dancers and for those just learning the new discipline. 

FITNESS:  The repetitive dance drills incorporate the fitness/toning component which will increase the chances of weight loss, gaining confidence and strength.

FANTASY:  The exotic dance music and movements allow the dancer to feel like they are transcending through time and their own circumstances to a time of exotic island dance.  The movements also allow dancers to feel alluring and sexy.


Join us for our FIRST EVER Tropixx certification, November 4th, 2018! Whether you live in Washington State or across the world — you do not want to miss this exciting new launch!

This is your opportunity to bring a BRAND NEW format to your students! You do not need to be a MixxedFit® Instructor to participate in this format.