Q. Do I only have to do those three moves in my video?  

A. Absolutely not! Use whatever moves you want! Just please make sure to incorporate those moves into your choreo!

Q.  My friend isn't a MF Instructor, but they're good! Can they apply?

A. Yes.  The call is open to the public.   They must attend a MixxedFit® Workshop 101 before they can step into their position if selected.

Q. Do I have to apply if I'm already in a leadership position? 

A. Nope! You're good for this year unless you would like to move from Master Educator to National Trainer, then yes you do.  If you try out for another position above your current position, you will still maintain your current position for this year if you should not get selected to move up or lateral.

Q. Can I use a song that already has a choreo to it on the choreo exchange page?

A. Yes! You choose your favorite jam and get your dance on!

Q. Are these paid positions?

A. Technically these are volunteer positions, however as National Trainers you have the potential to make money from Workshop 101s and Master Classes.  As a Master Educator, you have the potential to make money with Master Classes, as well.