While we encourage anyone to mentor others in our communities, Level 2 Instructors have completed a rigorous hands-on-training with CEO, Lori Barcenilla Torres at The MixxedFit® Corporate Office.

The Leadership Exxperience is designed to prepare Level 1 Instructors to become Level 2 Instructors that are appointed by MixxedFit® Corporate to mentor other instructors in their communities following Corporate’s guidelines, practices, and policies.

In addition, they are qualified to mentor fellow MixxedFit® Instructors who need an extra hand with creating class playlists, preparing for demos, hands-on coaching with basic mirroring, cueing, connecting with students, etc. They are especially excited for this opportunity to support new MixxedFit® instructors as they are in the beginning of their MixxedFit® career.

Our Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructors are also excited for this opportunity to serve alongside their fellow current MixxedFit® Instructors and are here to encourage and be an extra hand to all of our Level 1 Instructors. Since they’ve already received the training they need to help you, simply ask a Level 2 MixxedFit® Instructor for help, pick a meeting space and they will help you out! It’s as simple as that.